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Postmodern? You're soaking in it.
A boy and his dream to have a dream.
One reason I'm glad I don't have Facebook is in the event something horribly newsworthy happens to me, my Wall won't be splashed all over the internet. What if I decided to have a silly picture up?

I have an online presence here, but I don't think you'll see this LJ on CNN's front page. However, whatever grisly fate it would take, it might be worth it if CNN splashed the No More Years sticker and "It's delicious!" around.
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I have an addition to my request for a Viking-style long boat funeral pyre.

On the shore, during the lighting ceremony, back-to-back Guns N' Roses, Knockin' on Heaven's Door followed immediately by November Rain. It is highly preferable if the boat can be lit during the fake-out ending of November Rain.

Now, how one would light the fire in the rain really isn't my problem.

"Boy, Ben must be a big GNR fan." Not really, but their music has an undeniably ironic pop sensibility.
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Song I'm looking for from Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels by John Murphy called either Bass or Bass Theme. Got a great groove, but unfortunately not found through the usual channels. Some Flash players out there have the song to play, but that doesn't help me on the go.

Why do I fall for the most obscure tracks? It takes me months, sometimes years to uncover a song...
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Just finished watching Zombieland. If you don't know who the guest star is, don't find out. It'll be funnier if you don't know. (I knew.)

But the rest of the film tried too hard to be clever, funny, cool, hip, whatever. See the middle of the film with the guest star, skip the rest.


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An exchange with a potential customer.

Potential Customer:
"The picture is very dark and I can not tell if the weapons and other parts that come with the model are there. Can you tell me what parts are glued and what parts are not glued please? Thank you."

Me: "Everything is glued. That is to say, the sides and the hull have been glued. One might say assembled. I mention you only get the sides and the hull in the 2nd sentence of the auction description."

PC: "Dude, are there weapons in this model or not? Are there sponsons or not? Are there pintle mounted bolters or not? Are there forward facing heavy twin linked heavy bolters or not?"

Me: "Guy, from the auction description, and I quote, "The sides and the hull have been assembled, and there are no other parts or accessories." I really need to be that much clearer? There are no sponsons, pintle-mounted bolters, forward facing heavy twin-linked heavy bolters, lascannons, heavy flamers, smoke launchers, marine gunners, decals, plates or anything else you can imagine. Those are all accessories, which as I wrote are *not* included. If you win this auction, you will not get any accessories, because there are none."

I'm not your dude, guy.
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It's a wonder I grew up to be even remotely coherent when you consider one of the greatest cartoon sequences from my childhood.


immediately followed by



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I guessed about the Celtics-Lakers series (and I'm in good shape assuming the Celtics win the next two games), so I thought let's try another prediction.

The ultra-hyped USA vs. England World Cup match, woo!

I predict with absolute certainty that soccer will remain interminably boring.
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As I transitioned from sleep to life, I had the passing vision of a tattoo of a wolf howling at a belly button.

No, I'm not getting a tattoo of that. Just sharing.
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Celtics over Lakers in 6.
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You mean there's a... white adder?

That Sealab 2021 reference I just dropped there is funnier than the third season of Black Adder. I watched four episodes begrudgingly and had to stop. Were it not for the Lord Flashheart scene in Season 2, I would have stopped watching that earlier too. All the jokes are too predictable, and the insults that masquerade as humor aren't funny either.

I liked the first season and I realize the difference. Though larger than life, the characters then had some degree of intelligence. The Black Adder himself is less sniveling and now more snooty than anything. As the series has worn on, every character becomes painfully stupider. I suppose I could overlook the constant anachronisms too, if there were anything to see beyond.

If the first episode of Season 4 doesn't produce a laugh, I give up entirely. Frankly, I'm surprised.


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